Suffer for your style no longer.

FootGloss lets you wear
the shoes you love, comfortably.

Don’t let your shoes rub you the wrong way.

photo: FootGlossFrom heels to hiking boots, brand new or tried-and-true, FootGloss helps prevent blisters for all-day happy feet.

I always wear my power heels for big presentations.

Swipe it on once in the morning for the confidence to focus on your goal and forget about your feet.

I bought new shoes for an upcoming event, and I’m afraid I’m going to get blisters.

FootGloss eases the break-in process, saving your feet so you can show up in style.

Get happy feet.

FootGloss has saved me so many times, especially for the shoes I don’t wear very often. I always take it with me to weddings, and end up passing it around to all my friends!

– Jenny, Portland, OR

We know you love your shoes.


Leah Schlechter, FootGloss Founder
Leah Schlechter, Founder
Portland, Oregon

We’ve all been there – you buy a pair of gorgeous shoes, wear them once and then toss them in the back of the closet because they killed your feet. Ugh!

I believe you should be able to both look and feel amazing in your shoes. That’s why I created FootGloss. It’s a foot prep: apply it to your feet before putting on your shoes. The all-natural formula creates a thin, invisible barrier on your skin to eliminate friction and blisters.

Through years of development and testing with my most unforgiving shoes, I’m thrilled to bring FootGloss to you. With this uncompromising all-natural formula, every shoe can feel as great as it looks. FootGloss allows you to look you best getting dressed, and stay that way worry free all day.

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