You don’t have to suffer for your style.

FootGloss helps prevent blisters
so you can wear the shoes you love, comfortably.

All-natural FootGloss balm helps prevent blisters

Don’t let your shoes rub you the wrong way.

FootGloss is a foot prep: apply daily to your feet before putting on shoes. The all-natural formula creates a thin, invisible barrier on your skin to help eliminate friction and blisters. Keep your feet happy all day long!

I’ve used FootGloss when wearing everything from ballet flats to strappy heels. It saves my feet every time! I keep a tube by my shoe rack and one in my purse. A great all-natural product!

Portland, OR

Look your best,
do your best.

We all have a pair of power heels that give an extra
boost of confidence when we need it most.

Swipe on FootGloss in the morning to feel ready to
focus on your goal – and forget about your feet.

Be fearless
in new shoes.

You’ve found the perfect shoes for your big event,
but do you already know they’re going to kill your
feet the first time you wear them?

FootGloss makes breaking in shoes easy,
saving your feet so you can show up in style.

No blisters,
no matter the mileage.

Whether running, hiking or just walking across the city,
FootGloss works with any type of shoe to help minimize
friction and eliminate the risk of blisters.

Take it with you.

The tube is the perfect size to apply quickly, and
small enough to conveniently stash in your purse
to apply on the go – or share with a friend.

Get happy feet.

FootGloss creates an invisible layer between shoes and skin to help minimize the chafing and irritation that lead to blisters. Apply it directly to your feet anywhere you feel hot spots – toes, heels and ankles stay happy and your shoes stay clean.

Style shouldn’t have to hurt.

I’m Leah, founder of FootGloss. I believe you should be able to both look and feel amazing in your shoes. We’ve all been there – you get a new pair of gorgeous shoes, wear them once, and then toss them in the back of the closet because they killed your feet. Ugh!

That’s why I created FootGloss – so every shoe can feel as great as it looks. Thanks for checking us out! We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line to let us know what you think, and sign up below for periodic updates.

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FootGloss has saved me so many times, especially for the shoes I don’t wear very often. I always take it with me to weddings, and end up passing it around to all my friends!

Portland, OR

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