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5 Halloween Costumes for Shoe Addicts

Halloween is almost here! Scroll for some suggestions that’ll make you a shoe-in for best costume. Some of them are so cute, it’s scaAaAary!

1. The Classic Halloween Witch… With a Twist!

Dillards, Dolls Kill, Sole Society, Dolls Kill

You won’t be a basic witch in these magical heels. Don’t forget your crystals.

2. The QUEEN of the statement shoe: Dorthy!

As Dorothy, you can have your own take on the classic slipper – sparkly sky-high stilettos, comfy old ruby red Converse, or drench a pair of flats you never wear in glitter. An easy and fun throwback!

2. Don’t just use emojis… BE the emoji!



Elle Magazine masterminded this brilliant flamenco dancer emoji costume so you can take your sass out of the group chat and into the streets.

4. The Classic Group Costume: Spice Girls!

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

What’s Halloween without your girlfriends? Grab four of them and highlight your individual personalities by dressing head to toe as your favorite squad. At least now that you’re adults, you won’t have to fight over who gets to be Baby… Plus platforms are back in a big way!

5. Be Literal and Become a Shoe!


Yeah. A shoe. Or the old woman in the shoe, because you know you love shoes enough to live in them.

No matter what you wear, make sure you aren’t barefoot and carrying your shoes around the party at the end of the night. Stay comfortable with your FootGloss, be safe, and have the best time!

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7 of Our Favorite Shoes from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

Street style is here to stay. Check out these almost-attainable looks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 attendees:

sourceJason Jean

Frances Valentine, making sandals and socks look cool. The disco ball heel is a party-to-go.


This Dolce and Gabbana piece has a little bit of everything – beading, feathery flair, a fun take on primary colors and shapes. Like kindergarten, but sexier!

sourceJason Jean


Classic Mary Jane-esque Prada pumps. Love the patent pale pink!


Ahh, simple, strappy, delicate velvet. Speaking of pale pink, Emma Roberts was spotted donning these perfect Loriblu heels.

And a few looks from the New York Fashion Week runway:


Source: Getty, Elle Magazine

Chunky platform heels are back? Yes please! These Siriano boots are golden.

Source: Getty, Elle Magazine

Who needs height? Tory Burch’s sweet slip-ons are sweet for spring.

Source: Getty, Elle Magazine

Look at the itty bitty baby heels! The kitten heel is back in a big way.

No matter what new style you decide to rock, your heels should be comfortable from on the runway to when you’re on the run. Make sure to grab our all-natural US made foot prep stick before the next NYFW show!

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How to Make Your High Heels Hurt Less

Three Steps to Tip-Top Foot Care

You’re shopping at a cute boutique or vintage shop. You spot the perfect pair of heels. Maybe they’re a neutral perfect for any outfit. Or they’re bright, with fringe, tassels, cutouts, maybe the perfect print… either way, you want, no need, no MUST have them.

And yet, when you slip them on to give em a try, you know they’re going to take a very uncomfortable wear or two to break in. Blisters and chafing are definitely likely before they fit your feet perfectly.

So you’re left with a choice: sacrifice comfort to pull off your dream outfit or pass on the shoes, choose something more sensible and leave your digs a little drab.

We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. Use the tips below to make heels hurt less and keep your feet healthy! 

1. Get your feet ready before you get dressed.

FootGloss lets you wear the shoes you love

By applying FootGloss all-natural foot prep to the back of your heels, the sides of your toes and your other hot-spot foot areas, you can prevent the friction that often comes with breaking in a new pair of heels. With no parabens, petroleum or fragrance, it’s a safe way to protect both your feet and your shoes. It is colorless and won’t damage shoes, even if they’re a high-quality material like suede or satin. 

Take the first step to foot care and comfort. Order your FootGloss for only $10 now!

Moisturizing your feet regularly also helps eliminate old skin that adds to chafing. Once a week, soak your feet in an epsom salt bath or with other minerals to enrich your skin. If you’re regularly on your feet, moisturize them daily- it’s easiest to go to bed with heavier socks on over lotion, then let it absorb all night.

2. Know your feet.

Credit: upandrunning.co.uk

Many women don’t realize that your feet can grow when you’re older, but they can! If your old shoes are not fitting like they used to or you’re having trouble finding shoes that fit true to size, consider getting your feet measured at a shoe store.

Your arch type and size is also often overlooked when purchasing heels. To see how high your arch is, try the footprint test. Get a piece of paper (heavier-duty construction paper is best), then wet your foot and make a footprint.

The more narrow the print between the heel imprint and ball of your foot, the lower your arch- see the photo above. People with higher arches should allow for more flexibility in their shoes and also realize they are likely to experience supination or under pronation, or walking on the outside of your feet. If that’s the case, choose a wider heel to balance the weight distribution of your feet in high heels.

Heel fans with lower arches or flat feet will most likely practice overpronation, meaning walking too heavily on the inside of your feet. You should aim for lower heels or shoes with a platform, which minimizes the height difference between the ball and heel of your foot. 

3. Take breaks and stretch!

Source: Livestrong.com

Extending your ankles and toes throughout wearing heels can keep you comfy all day or night, rather than having to pop your shoes off once you reach the dance floor. If you wear heels to work, slip them off at your desk or on your break. Try these stretches the morning before you put on heels or after a long day on your feet.

Do you have any secret tips for feeling stylish and at ease in heels? Comment below or share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #footgloss.

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