5 Charities That Help Shoe Lovers Put Their Best Foot Forward

The holiday season inspires a giving spirit in a lot of us. However, figuring out where your time, treasure or talents will make the most of a difference can be difficult, especially with the overwhelming number of deserving charities.

Fashion fans can connect with these style-focused charities this holiday season.


Dress for Success is a global non-profit that focuses on empowering women to achieve economic independence. They provide a “network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”

We have worked with Dress for Success PNW and love to hear about the opportunities local women receive through their work! Dress for Success has been around for thirty years and has helped nearly one million women in 28 countries and 150 cities.

Their Oregon chapter is wonderful- find out how you can best help with their 7 Ways to Get Involved. 


Shoes That Fit is a non-profit organization founded in California in the early 1990s. Over the past 25 years, they have worked to “provide children in need with new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.” They have provided over 1.7 million pairs of brand-new shoes to children across the country, and they continue to grow. Read about their mission, process and how you can be a part of it at https://www.shoesthatfit.org.

Scored a 95.66 / 100 on Chariy Navigator



Sal’s Shoes is a UK-based nonprofit that collects and distributes shoes to children in need all over the world. It began as a grassroots movement and has grown tremendously in the past few years. They have already donated hundreds of thousands of pairs shoes. Find out more at http://www.salsshoes.com/




Soles 4 Souls is a great charity based out of Nashville, Tenn. Their mission is to create “sustainable jobs and [provide] relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.” They are a totally transparent non-profit, which means you can find out about their efforts and financial statements on their website. Visit https://soles4souls.org/ to discover how you can get involved.

Scored a 90.27 / 100 on Charity Navigator


Andre McDonell began this small non-profit in New York in 2012. After five years receiving, refurbishing and distributing shoes on his own to the New York homeless population, Mcdonell has now distributed over 17,000 pairs of shoes all over the country, as well as in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

It’s From The Sole has received coverage from CNN, NBC, The Times Herald, Adidas, New Balance, and many more. Learn how you can help by visiting http://www.itsfromthesole.org/